Tuesday, April 14, 2015


November 25, 2013

Wow! I will never, ever say that my kids aren't good travelers.  We arrived at the hotel in Addis 26 hours after leaving home.  A horrific drive to JFK (2.5 hours vs the normal 1), 2 8-hour flights, a 5 hour layover, a 2-hour immigration/customs line.  We barely made our flight, but due to an agent giving us the VIP service through the security line we made it with seconds to spare and so did our 11 checked bags!  We got to the hotel at 10pm Ethiopia time, got settled, met the team and crashed.  I didn't sleep a wink b/c I was too worried I'd never hear the 7am wake up call for our next journey to Awassa in the morning.  The kids were TOTAL TROOPERS!  I am praying that that continues b/c God knows you couldn't keep that pace up all week!  On Sunday morning we woke up to the best coffee in the world (literally - Ethiopia is the birthplace of coffee and it doesn't get better than this) and got on the huge vans to start the 4 hour voyage to Awassa.  HA!  No such luck.  We arrived after 8 hours (engine trouble, flat tire, 1 quick detour and potty breaks), but I can honestly say that it was an amazing ride.  Again, the kids were great.  Making new friends and just watching the sights pass us by.  They really can survive with no electronics - this was proved to us in the past 2 days!  I really can't believe how smoothly it all went, especially when you think that we didn't have a real meal or sleep period in that entire time - we may never eat another bar again, but since that's our travel sustenance and lunch everyday, we can't get sick of them yet.  Here are some photos of the journey….

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