Monday, April 13, 2015

Greetings from Dube Bute

November 25, 2013

To say that we were given a hero's welcome is an understatement.  The people from Dube Bute were so happy to see us and so gracious in their welcome.  I can't possibly do it justice in words or even pictures, but hopefully I can give you an idea.  We were warned to keep Sophie close because she would literally get swallowed by the crowd and they weren't kidding!  She was completely overwhelmed by the crowding, singing, smells, and everyone staring at her and expecting her to understand them.  The other kids did great and were simply in awe.  We were all gifted Ethiopian shawls and the Alexanders were given new Dube Bute names and a plot of land as a thank you.  We spent the morning getting there (surprise, another longer than expected trip!) and they had a ceremony with hundreds of villagers to greet us.  After that we set up a medical clinic (mostly dermalogical), a dental clinic, a veterinary clinic, a baseball clinic and vacation bible study for the kids.  I was a patient buddy in the dental clinic and we were inundated with patients, so I didn't get a chance to see the other stations, but I will certainly add pictures that I get from others later.  I am having trouble with uploading videos but will add those when I can.  It's 5am here now and I've been up for an hour hiding in the bathroom.  Going to try to get one more hour of sleep in before we start again!

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