Sunday, April 19, 2015

A long week processing

October 10, 2011

Wow, what a week.  In some ways it seems like I've been home for a week, and in others, it seems like it was yesterday.  I have never had such a hard time processing anything - either mentally or physically.  After 26 hours of traveling, we arrived home at 3pm our time on Sunday.  I was flying high from just being home and seeing our family.  Matt was too, but only for about an hour.  He crashed on the deck at 4pm.  I woke him at 7 for a very fast dinner and shower and he went right to bed until the next morning.  I knew I'd have a hard time getting him to sleep on the plane.  When else do you get to watch dozens of free movies, back-to-back and your mom can't tell you to "go outside and play"?  

It was great to be back, but overwhelming too.  I felt great Sunday, but I deteriorated on Monday.  My stomach was killing when I woke up.  Thankfully, Tanisha had given me two Cipro tablets on Saturday - one for the plane ride and one just in case.  I took it and I am convinced that I would have been in bed for two days without it.  I was in such a fog all day Monday and Tuesday.  My stomach was killing me, I ate nothing and I could barely reconcile what day/time/country I was in!  If you are local and saw me those two days, sorry if I was rude.  I was definitely having an out-f-body experience!  I finally felt a little better Wednesday.  I never felt hungry, just knew when to eat because my blood sugar would drop and I'd start to get shaky.  The hard part is that I knew Thursday morning I was leaving at 8am for a quick get-away with John, so I had to unpack, do laundry, repack and put the house back together quickly.

It was not ideal timing to go away again, but John was in Kiawah for business anyway, so we had planned months ago that I'd join him when he was done with the work part.  Looking back, it was perfect timing - we needed the time alone, and it allowed me lots of time to watch the waves roll in and process all that I had seen, done and learned.  Again, I had a hard time reconciling being in a fancy resort after the week I had (especially because there was not one black guest and not one white hotel staff member - it was really bothering me more than usual).  We had dinner with friends one night.  The wife happens to be African American.  She made me feel better telling me that she is so used to it that she doesn't even see it anymore and that Sophie's personality will help her succeed in life, but it still sits there on my mind.  The first night I was having dreams where I was sleeping in Korah and trying to find my way around, Ethiopians were with us at the resort, some were relaxing at the pool with us and Matt was trying to drag me back into Korah.  All so weird, but made sense with my two colliding worlds!

Anyway, I have been late in posting pictures to FB, sending pictures to those waiting and thanking those that were with us on the trip.  I promise that is all coming this week.  People keep asking if it was a life-changing trip.  Of course.  I knew it would be for the Ethiopian aspect of it, but I can honestly say that I never expected the team to affect me the way that it did.  That was a group of 40 people that have all touched my and Matt's lives in ways that we didn't even know was possible.  Despite everyone's busy lives, we will keep in touch and we will serve with them again (John's already talking about maybe the two of us going next time with Matt and Katie - yay!)  Y'all know who you are and we love you dearly. Thanks for making this adventure so spiritual and fun, and yes, life-changing for us both!  


  1. Hi Heidi...
    I'm Susan...I went on the 1st trip last year and my husband, Michael was on your trip. He has gone on and on about what a neat kid Matt is and how great he did on the trip. My heart ached not being with you all but somehow feel that I was there with the stories and my experience to back it up. Have had Michael, Em, and Moody share with me what went on Wednesday and am so encouraged for you. What an amazing night...amazing how God orchestrates!! Will be praying for you all and hope that trip 3 finds us all on it!!
    Best...Susan Orlie

  2. I'm so teary reading through all that you've written about during your trip to ET. So happy that you were able to go over and serve. Amazing trip. And, again - can't thank you enough for the pictures of little Ruthie M!

  3. Miss you friend! Look forward to catching up soon.

  4. Love this. What perfect timing! Getting ready for my trip. A little overwhelmed...afraid I will forget something important like my passport. My stomache is tight with the want to meet my little guy knowing that it will not be a fairytale but instead real and hard knowing that his little world is going to get rocked. Hope you feel better, 100%. Love you. John, Jason, me and that too much to ask for? :)