Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Five more days!!

September 18, 2011
Here we are, ready to go!  I can't believe we leave in 5 days and 2 hours (but who's counting?!?!)  As of now, we have raised over $25,000 towards the wheelchairs (and the donations continue to come in) and our bags are overflowing with soccer uniforms - both new and slightly used.  We are so thankful for all of your donations - including your uniforms, monetary contributions and good wishes!

Everyone keeps asking if we are ready to go.  We are definitely ready to go, it's whether I am ready to leave that is the question!  I always forget how many logistics are involved when leaving kids at home when I go away.  John will be helped by sitters, friends and parents and I hope the younger three will be on their best behavior.  I finally typed the many pages of who needs to be where, when, with what, etc.  It will be a busy week for them, but they are happy to send us on our way and take care of themselves!

I am really hoping to be able to update nightly, but I have no idea what the Internet situation will be like or how exhausted I will be!  In the meantime, you can always check for updates at "EthiopiaSmile 2011" on Facebook, or on the Alexander's blog - our team leaders.  We have so much to see and accomplish.  I hope we are up to the challenge!

I asked Matt today what he is most nervous about and what he is most looking forward to.  He said, "I am most nervous that all of the Ethiopian kids that I play soccer with will be WAY better than me."  I told him that I was guessing that he will be in charge of entertaining some of the kids that are waiting for their parents (or themselves) to receive dental care.  He figured that soccer would be a great activity - he only hopes he can keep up.  As far as the thing he is most looking forward to - "THE WHOLE TRIP!"  We were lucky enough to have a quiet lunch outside alone together on a beautiful day.  We were both so happy to realize that in 5 short days we'll get to spend 10 full days alone together - something that hasn't happened in 9 years!

The Alexanders posted a prayer card for our trip that I will also share with you here (I hope you can read it - as with everything they do, it is a really nice idea!).
Well, that will probably be all until we are in Ethiopia.  We land at 2pm NY time on Saturday.  It will be a long flight - especially since we'll be too excited to sleep!  Thanks again for all of your help, encouragement and prayers.  We can't wait to report back!

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  1. I will try and call you before you leave. So jealous!