Thursday, April 23, 2015

Day 5 - Wednesday - 9/28/11

Korah / Shopping by Post Office / Cloud 9
Today was very similar to yesterday in that we were in the same location and saw many in the community of Korah.  Today was different in that there were benches worth of patients waiting upon our arrival!

Here is Matt helping feed a select group of kids from Korah.  They come to the community center for one meal a day right near where we had the dental clinic set up.  There are also five or six mothers with infants in the back to whom we were providing formula.  One of the mothers had a child 22 months old that could not have weighed more than 10 pounds.  It was heartbreaking.  But even seeing them the next day after some formula, his face seemed brighter.  We left a ton of formula that will be rationed out to them over several months.

We ended a little early today so that we could preserve the remaining dental equipment and medications for the third day.  We all headed to a group of little bodegas to do some shopping.  Supposedly, they like to bargain, but I find it so hard because everything is so incredibly cheap to begin with, and then when you realize how much more important 30 birr (~$2) is to them, I just can’t bring myself to care about a further bargain!

We ended the day with a big group feast at a restaurant called Cloud 9.  It was a lot of Chinese food, which was delicious.  They’ve done such a good job with all the meals – so much variety, and our stomachs have handled it all really well so far.  The restaurant was in a big mall, which was the cleanest, newest building I’ve seen in all of Ethiopia.   It’s always so weird to see more wealth in the rare pockets that I’ve seen it in such a destitute city.  I was so exhausted after staying up so late, so I was happy to crash early!

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